8 Questions to Ask A Roofing Company before Hiring for Roof Repair Service

There is a reason you need to turn to professional Toronto roofers when it comes to any kind of roof repairs and other significant structural work around your house.  They have the required knowledge and experience in this matter. This does not however, mean that you need to opt for hands off approach when it comes to looking for the right kind of roofing company. However, asking few questions prior to getting your roof repaired will enable you to understand the process and make you confident regarding the roofing contractors that you have hired.

Take a look at the checklist of questions which you need to ask prior to your roof repair in Toronto. A little understanding and research will go a long way in getting the result.

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Is the Old Roof Going to be Removed?

Shingle over the existing roof is a quick fix. Thus, the duration of the work naturally becomes shorter. However, the lifespan of the work is also going to become shorter. You have to make sure that the roofers are removing the shingles and starting fresh so that the soft spots and various other issues can be repaired an identified.  

Will a Drip or a Metal Edge be Installed?

The aluminum pieces are going to direct snow, water, and the other debris into the eaves trough and also lessen the risk of water damage. Moreover, it will also extend the life of the soffits, fascia, decking.  Thus, you have to ask roof repair in Toronto contractor if these are being installed.

Will Used or New Flashing be Installed?

Old flashings are pretty easier for the roofers to leave it in place. However, on the other hand, new flashing are considered to be lot more durable and is going to be built to fit into the shingles.  This is the reason they are good for the homeowners who looks forward to avoiding any kind of roofing repair cost in future.

How the Nails are Going to be Used?

You need to find out from the Toronto roofers regarding how many nails per shingle are going to be used for securing it into place.  Four is the standard number while six is recommended for the uniquely sharp and steep roofs.  

Are the Shingles Going to be Women or is Steel be Used in Valleys?

In case the roof repair in Toronto does not mention metals but will steer you toward the weaving shingles. In case it is not in your best interest then it is not the right roofing company for you.

Will the Shingles Overhang?

The perfect overhand usually falls in between 6mm to 2cm. An overhang which is larger isn’t recommended since it will make it more susceptible to damage. Less than 6mm is going to make your house vulnerable to leaks and water damage.  

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How the Shingles are Going to be Cut?

Toronto roofers have stated estimation is not a god idea when it comes to cutting the shingles. It has to align precisely and evenly for keeping the house sealed and protected.

What Eves Trough Protection is Going to be Used?

You do not obviously want to schedule the roof restoration for booking the eaves trough repairs in the coming weeks.  Ask what protective measures are going to be used.

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