Explaining the Bill

Electricity Charge
This line represents pricing set under the RPP (Regulated Price Plan), Weighted Average Price, Hourly Ontario Energy Price or the Contracted Price set by a retailer.This is the only portion of your bill that is subject to competition.

Delivery Charges
These are regulated charges for the cost to deliver the electricity from the generating station to Haldimand County Hydro. This charge is bundled with the Distribution Volumetric Charge, Transmission Network Service and the Transmission Connection Service.

Regulatory Charges
This charge is comprised of the SSS Administration Charge and the Wholesale Market Service Charge.

Debt Retirement Charge (DRC)
The Debt Retirement Charge pays down the debt of the former Ontario Hydro.

Provincial Benefit
The price of generation in Ontario is set by a competitive market. Certain generators receive payments through regulation or contract that differ from the market price. Your portion of the net adjustment arising from these different payments is included on your bill. Only customers not on the Regulated Price Plan (RRP Plan) receive this adjustment on their bill. The Provincial Benefit may be a positive or negative number, depending on whether the market price is lower or higher than the fixed rates.

OPG Rebate
The Ontario government established a set price limit of the output from Ontario Power Generation�s (OPG) unregulated generating assets (coal-fired and smaller hydroelectric) operations. Monies collected above this limit are to be refunded to customers who are not on the Regulated Price Plan (RRP Plan) in the form of an OPG Rebate. Future rebates will be paid out on a quarterly cycle. Consumers with a retail contract may or may not receive this rebate depending on the contract provisions.

RPP Settlement
This is the difference between the true cost of power and the regulated price plan (RPP plan).As of July 1st, 2005, if you leave the RPP (Regulated Price Plan) an amount will be calculated that reflects your individual share of the difference between the actual price paid to generators and a 12 month forecast of the amount paid by consumers under the RPP.This settlement will appear when you are issued your final bill under the RPP.It will be a credit or a charge.There are several ways you can leave the RPP, including if you sign or renew a contract with an electricity retailer, move outside of Ontario or have an interval meter (smart meter) and choose to pay spot market prices.