How to Survive Common Website Issues

Have you ever faced any issues for your website? If you have, then you must know the frustration it might cause.

If there is a will, there’s a way. Here are some simple solutions for some website problems which is you might face very often. However, don’t underestimate the help that professionals such as web design Burlington can give to you. If you face any kind of issues that you cannot fathom, seek help immediately.

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404 Errors

It is normal to have a tongue-in-cheek 404 error pages at your website. The problem is, this kind of pages always face error. It is a pain for the Website visitors as well as you, the website owner.

Imagine the hours that you have spent on the design and the copy of your page, just to find out that the users cannot actually access the pages online. For the uninitiated, 404 errors are the message from the browser that it is not being able to find your page.

The funny thing is that you can resolve the issue quite easily. Just take the help of tools such as Google tag manager and Google analytics. These tools will help you to track the 404 errors on your page. This tracking will help you get the clues about the workings of the page. If you are still too confused, seek the help of web design Burlington.

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Content Getting Scraped

It leaves a bad taste in your mouth when you find out that someone out there has stolen the images, copies or even your entire website. The problem is, though you are innocent, you can be punished by Google.

The reason to do such an act is industry rivalry. Such duplication can be detrimental to the health of your business. Google and most other search engines have strict regulation against such duplications. Not knowing whether you are responsible, Google can punish you for the act.

You can use some available tools to find out the head behind the domain. Reach out to them and alert them about such activity. You might also file a complaint to the domain. Make sure that you are ready to prove that the content is genuinely yours. You can, however, opt for the help of professionals such as web design Burlington.

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Old Result Showing Up on Google Search

There must be some pages in your website which you do not want to be found anymore. Or you might just want to remove the page temporarily, to do some updates on the page.

Now the question arises, do you know how to do that?

Chances are that you don’t.

Fear not. Google has made all the tools which will help you to achieve the task in a second. Just register your website to the Google Search Console. After that, you will get the options to permanently delete or temporarily remove the page from the search engine. If you are still not sure how to do it, contact web design Burlington immediately.

The errors that your websites face are generally roaming through inland of such shallow problems. You, however, should not assume that the problems will always be so simple to solve. If you feel that problems are in deeper waters, seek help from web design Burlington now.

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