Renovate Your Basement like a Pro 10 Tips from an Expert Flipper

Basement forms an important part of a home. Renovated basements can homeowners to grab good deals for their home. In short, basement renovation Markham can make or break a deal. For example, if potential buyers find a basement to contain cracks or leaks, they won’t show an interest to purchase the property. Hence, homeowners might find it difficult to sell their home without getting the basement renovated.

basement renovation Markham

Calling a Professional or DIY

When one plans to increase the value of their property, they should get their basement renovated. In order to deal with the basement issues, it would be better if one hire the services of a professional basement renovating contractor. Or, one can follow some tips from the industry experts.


Things to Look Out For

When opting for basement renovation Markham, one should follow the tips and flip their basement. They are:


  • Signs of Moisture

You won’t want your basement to be flooded with water after finishing basement renovation. So try to look out for cracks and signs of moisture in the space before starting the renovation task.


  • Planning Layout

It would be better to keep the basement as a space open. It would help prospective buyers to use the space in the way they want.


  • Sealing

If you rented your basement to students or travelers, there might be a huge chance of food crumbs or particles remaining. Pests can eat those things and poop all throughout the rooms.  Hence, when going for basement renovation Markham care should be taken to seal the point of entry of the pests. Or else, you won’t get potential buyers.

  • Including Storage Room

Using the basement as a storage room can be a great way to save money.  one can simply add some storage racks made from plywood. It would cost only a few dollars and would definitely attract buyers.


  • Taking Photos

Make sure you provide processed photos which can clearly point the upgrades. It would help to educate prospective clients about the waterproofing or insulation. Based on it they can decide to invest or not.


  • Budget

If one is not having a proper budget to go for full basement renovation Markham, care should be taken to make the basement look presentable. Going for one coat of paint can do the job. Future owners can get it properly painted when if they feel like doing it.


  • Disguise Bulkheads

Hiding the mechanical elements of the house is important. When going for renovations, it would be better if the air ducts and faucets get hidden behind the ceilings and walls.

Markham basement renovation

  • Flooring

The unstable humidity levels make hardwood not a suitable flooring option for the basement. It would be better if the basement is built with laminates. The floors can be also covered with carpets in order to give the space a cozy look.


  • Lighting

Right lighting is important when opting for basement renovation Markham. Opting for pot lights can be a great idea. Or, one can install two ceiling lights at equal distances inside the room.


  • Income Suite

Before renovating the basement, it would be important to have a rough idea about the costs. It would help one to make the changes accordingly.

You can follow these tips when transforming your basement. However, you can refer to an expert before making an informed decision.

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