Residential Services

Haldimand County Hydro works hard to provide an affordable, safe and reliable electrical distribution system to serve our 18,000 plus Residential Customers.

In this section dedicated to our Residential Customers we provide you with an overview of how to understand your bill as well as the electric, water & sewer rates used to calculate it.

How do you know if you’re a Residential customer?

Residential Customers are those that meet one or both of the two service classifications below:


This classification applies to a customer’s main place of abode and may include additional buildings served through the same meter, provided they are not rental income units. Residential includes Urban, Suburban and Farm customer’s premises which can be occupied on a year-round and seasonal basis. Farm applies to properties actively engaged in agricultural production as defined by Statistics Canada. These premises must be supplied from a single phase primary line. The farm definition does not include tree, sod, or pet farms. Services to year-round pumping stations or other ancillary services remote from the main farm shall be classed as farm.

Sentinel Lighting

This classification refers to an account that is an unmetered lighting load supplied to a sentinel light. (Metered sentinel lighting is captured under the consumption of the principal service.) The consumption for these customers is assumed to have the same hourly consumption load profile as for Street Lighting.
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